What’s New: September 2012

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New Books & DVDs

Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel
Image from GoodReads.

We’ve just added about 31 new titles to the collection, including a number of DVDs for Lark’s Feminist Studies seminar, some books for Dave Whitson’s sophomore students, as well as a smattering of gift books.  Roberto Villa recently donated a few international thrillers in the vein of Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code.  Bloodline, which blends the drama of Somali pirates with the historical interest of the Knights Templar, is one of them.  Check out a review of Bloodline at GoodReads.

Coming Soon:  J.K. Rowling’s first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, Salman Rushdie’s new memoir, Joseph Anton, and the new novel by Michael Chabon, entitled Telegraph Avenue.  Hurry up and place your holds, people!

Click here for a full list of new additions over the past month.

Join the Graphic Novel Club


Image from GoodReads.

We are convening a Graphic Novel club on A days during Co-Cu in the Math building.  Stop by and find out more by talking with us in the library, or coming to the club meeting.  Find out about new authors, or share information on your favorites.

Welcome back, everybody.


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