Banned Books in the US Library

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What do these students have in common?  They’re reading banned books!  Whether it’s Harry Potter or even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (yes, really!), a large number of  books have been challenged or banned by school districts or public libraries around the country.  People challenge books that they believe to be dangerous or provocative.  Click here to see a list from the American Library Association of titles that have been censored.

We welcome students and aduts to join our gallery of Banned Books readers.  Stop by to have your photo taken, and we might just add it to the blog.

The US Library does not support censorship, and believes that ideas should be in circulation.  If we do not own a title, we can help teen readers find a copy in the local area, often through a public library.

When you come in to check out our Banned Books display, grab a Banned Books Week pin, and celebrate your freedom to read.  

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(Special thanks to our students for modeling the act of transgressive consumption of texts!)

-Sue & Dennis

Welcome Back!

We’ve made lots of changes in the US Library since last spring.  One of the most visible changes is the layout of the library.  We’ve zoned it into Group Study and Quiet Study areas to help everyone find the right place to be.



Come in when you’ve got some work to do.  We’re looking forward to meeting all of you who are new, as well as welcoming back everybody else.



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