On Food and Cooking


Are you a food scientist? Or maybe you enjoy cooking for friends and family? Explore your culinary interests ranging from food production, the chemistry of cooking, holiday foods, world foods, food ethics, and a variety of delicious recipes.

One of the most interesting books I read in culinary school was Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking. When reading this book, you can understand the why of certain techniques used in cooking such as browning meat or blanching vegetables. There’s a whole chapter dedicated to the amazing characteristics of eggs!




Similar explorations of the science behind cooking and eating are Culinary Reactions, by Simon Field, and The Kitchen as Laboratory, edited by César Vega.

Check out some food-related fiction to stir up your appetite. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake features a protagonist who can taste emotions in food! Or learn how to cook dishes from Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, China, and Japan.

— Shirleanne


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