Art for Art’s Sake

Strange and not-so-strange photography, drawings, artist guides, and fiction…


Are you an artist? Or maybe you just like to make things? Or look at life from a different perspective? Try out one of these great books!

Girl with a Pearl Earring tells the story of this famous painting from the imagined perspective of the model– Johannes Vermeer’s maid!

Beauty in Decay showcases grungy, gritty environments that urban explorers photograph in places you may wish to never visit, such as sewers and catacombs. The photographs are haunting, dreary, magical, and mesmerizing. You might even think they are pretty.

The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What you Love — the title says it all! Maybe you’d like to enter your work into a gallery show or sell it on Etsy?

“Theft:” A Love Story is an intense story about an artist at the end of his career, his brother who sees life at from a unique POV, a mysterious woman named Marlene, a mysterious canvas, and the value of works in the artworld.

Here’s a link to the Resource List in the library catalog






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