Travel Writing



Summer is the best time for traveling! You don’t have to miss class. You don’t have to miss work. You don’t have to sit inside your stuffy house while the sun is shining. Maybe you’ve never been overseas. Maybe you have a whole list of places you want to visit again! Here are some great books—fiction and non-fiction—to get you thinking about your next big trip!


The Naked Mountaineer: a collection of stories about the eccentric people who climb mountains all over the world, including one guy who takes selfies at the summit….naked…


Fearless: one Woman, one Kayak, one Continent: Freya Hoffmeister made a 9,420 mile trip around Australia in a kayak! Being named after a powerful Norse goddess must have influenced this woman’s serious super powers…


Rick Steve’s Europe through the Back Door: An essential to check out if you are headed to Europe this summer—get the scoop on local favorites that are off the beaten path


Let’s Get Lost: A novel told from the perspective of five different teens in different parts of the country. “Seventeen-year-old Leila, on a road trip to Alaska, gives each person she encounters a different reason for traveling to see the Northern Lights” (School Library Journal Review). Wouldn’t YOU love to see the Northern Lights?!


The High Mountains of Portugal: A treasure hunt. A mystery. A span of several generations and countries. And there’s a pet chimpanzee?


Click here to see the books on display right now: TravelWriteBib



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