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Those Marks on My Neck
Have you fallen under the spell of vampire fiction?  If you’ve survived the ordeal of the Twilight series, and want a taste of other options, here’s a list to sink your teeth into…

All About Food
Whether you’re interested in its history, where it comes from, or just how to make it, these books about food should satisfy all but the pickiest of food enthusiasts’ hunger.

It has been an inarguable truth over the ages that pirates are cool.

Modern Conflicts
Books to help you become and stay informed on the conflicts going on in the world today.

Fifteen years ago, cell phones were bigger than some modern laptops and no could have imagine having their own 100 GB of information.  What’s next?

Coming Soon to the Big Screen
All these books will be having movie adaptations coming out in 2013 or 2014. See how the books stack up against the films.

Fakes, Forgers & Thieves
Are you curious about the psychology of people who try to get away with things?  

Graphic Novels
We’ve added a fine new batch of graphic novels this year.  Most of these reviews are video clips, so take a look!

An assortment of detective fiction, both new and old. Try and solve the crime before it’s too late. Recommended for long trips and lazy afternoons.


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