Summer Borrowing Begins May 27th!

When the Summer Borrowing sign goes up in the US Library window, you know that the school year is winding down.  Very soon we’ll be building some fun displays on all sorts of topics to entice you to borrow books for the summer.  Who’s eligible?  All returning US students may participate, and all returning Catlin Gabel faculty and staff.

There’s a brand new 3D Arts display in the library, thanks to Chris Mateer’s students.  Here is a photo preview.

What you can’t see is the vivid colors and textures in this display.  There’s a dreidle made of matzoh, a Timbers jersey of stiff paper and green dot stickers, a house of Scrabble tiles, an animal constructed of marshmallows, and a groovy breakfast sign.  Come see!

Have a wonderful weekend.


3D Sculptures: Come See!

During the coming weeks, we’re showing a dazzling assortment of sculptures on the theme of transformation.  They’re by Chris Mateer’s students in the 3D Sculpture class.


Next week we’ll be rolling out our Spring Break recommended reading lists. Meanwhile, enjoy the art!


Art in the Library

Have you come by recently to see the new arts display in the library?  Chris Mateer’s students have created three dimensional sculptures of shoes.  Just come see!



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