Graphic Novels

We’ve added a fine new batch of graphic novels/memoirs this year.  Special thanks to Brett and Nance for some great inspiration when planning their Visual Memoir class.  While I’ve linked to print reviews, I thought it’d be more fun to offer video clips for some of these titles:

American Born Chinese, by Gene Yang
Check out the author’s blog and website.

Calling Dr. Laura, by Nichole Georges
Here’s a quick video by the author, who talks about her memoir, and keeping secrets.

The Photographer, by Emmanuel Guibert et al.
This one’s a boundary crosser:  a bit of history, photography, and a true story of Doctors Without Borders at work in Afghanistan.  Check it out:

Are You My Mother?, by Alison Bechdel
Check out a Wall St. Journal interview with Bechdel.  It’s a good one!

The Sign of the Four, by Ian Edginton
A graphic novel adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story in which the great detective and his sidekick Dr. Watson become caught up in a treasure hunt after agreeing to help a woman learn the identity of her secret admirer.

I am always seeking student reviews and input on graphic novels, so stop by or email me with your recommendations!


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