Students Recommend Books to Teachers

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In a delightful reversal of the usual order of things, we polled students this month to find out what they think the teachers should read this summer.  They had a great deal to say!  About 1 in 7 students responded with a list.  Among those recommendations, we’ve gathered up copies of all the titles we own, and have made a book display at the front desk.  We took our students’ advice, and placed orders for several of their top choices.

Take a look:

Teachers, here you go!  Let the students assign YOU a book to read for a change.

Happy Summer Borrowing to all.


Take Me With You: Books for Winter Break


With less than two weeks to go before the big vacation, it’s time to gather up some good reading to enjoy during those gaps between visiting relatives, sleeping in, and, for the lucky ones among you, lazing about in warm sunshine.

All Things Tolkien:  Have you encountered the fictional world created by 20th century author JRR Tolkien?  This Oxford professor and language creator built enormously rich worlds peopled with orcs, wizards, hobbits, elves, and humans.  The Tolkien Society provides a biography if you’d like to learn more.

In a few weeks, the new film version of the Hobbit will be released.  Why not read some of the books before the movie comes out, and become a knowledgeable critic?

What’s new on the bookshelf? Click the titles below for reviews from GoodReads!

If you like an old, snarky classic, David Sedaris’s Holidays on Ice will make you laugh.

Come by soon, as we close for Winter Break on Friday, Dec. 14th at 4pm.  Have a restful break!


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